To the girl's surprise, the boy soon found a real object. Maybe the girl's agitation worked. Maybe the girl was moved by the boy's handsome appearance. Listen to the boy's family say that the girl is much smaller than him. But the boy was cold to her. That girl is very nice to him. The girl wanted to marry him, but the boy didn't want to. The boy's family also asked the girl to persuade the boy to be nice to the girl. At that time, the girl thought, so that the boy is no longer, someone cares about him. My heart is both happy and a little sour for the boy. When the boy saw the girl, he saw the girl and said to the boy with her face on his face, if you want to be nice to the girl, I'll be relieved that she is good to you, and I'll be happy for you if you find a partner. Get married early. Otherwise, your family and I will worry about you, said the boy angrily; I was taken by you! It doesn't matter if my family forces me to find someone. Shouldn't you stir me up? The girl told him that everyone was good for him. The boy thought for a while and whispered, "as long as your happiness is my biggest, if a man falls in love with a girl, even if other girls are excellent, they can't bear it.". You are the only one in my heart! This feeling is only in my heart. I have no other requirements; even if we can not be together, I hope I am also the closest person to you. No matter what happens, remember that there is me, and don't change the phone number? Although you don't want me to call you, I won't.